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In Sailfish OS, the Lock screen, Home and Launcher pages are arranged vertically, making it easy to move between them.

Simple screen edge swipes enable users to easily access Events or Home from everywhere. Inside an app, moving between pages is as easy as reading a book, just grab a page and move to the next or previous one.

UX Framework


The lock screen displays the current time and date, the most important system indicators and missed event indicators. The lock screen pulley menu offer a quick access to selected apps, switch between normal and silent profile. An edge swipe over the bottom edge shows Events.

Swipe the lock screen page up to enter the Home page.

Lock Screen


Home shows all your currently running applications. These minimized apps enable the elevation of key information, updating it regularly and offering shortcuts to one or two key functions in the application. The shortcuts can either perform the function right away, or open a specific part of the application, bringing it to the foreground. The cover sizes respond automatically to the number of running applications.

The next page below Home is the Launcher. The one above it is the lock screen.



The launcher grid shows all installed apps. Apps can be rearranged freely and folders can be created by dragging an app on top of another one. As more apps are installed, new pages will be added to launcher.



System indicators summarize the general device status in the status area, which can be accessed from Home with a pull downwards and from Lock screen by a pull up. The area is always visible when the user starts an edge swipe from the left or right in the app view. User can also just peek the status area without exiting the app by starting edge swipe, keeping finger on the screen and reversing the gesture after seeing the relevant information.

The Sailfish OS status area is not cluttered with small notification icons. Instead, it only shows time and device status related information. Other notifications can always be peeked from the Events.

Status Area


Events is a summary about things happening around you, both on your device and the outside world. Having them in a single place is very fast way to check what’s going on. Like any notification center on other platforms, Events can be globally accessed from anywhere by swiping over the bottom screen edge. Closing Events happens also with edge swipe.

User can also just peek the Events by starting bottom edge swipe, keeping finger on the screen and reversing the gesture after seeing the relevant information.


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