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SMSHistory Class


The SMSHistory class provides access to sms history. More...

Header: #include <mdm-SMSHistory.h>

Public Types

class Filter
class Result

Public Functions

SMSHistory(QObject *parent = 0)
void search(const Sailfish::Mdm::SMSHistory::Filter &filter)


void searchFinished(bool success, const QList<Sailfish::Mdm::SMSHistory::Result> &results)

Detailed Description

The SMSHistory class provides access to sms history.

To use this class, clients must add the following to their qmake project:

 CONFIG += link_pkgconfig
 PKGCONFIG += sailfishmdm

and then #include <mdm-smshistory.h>.

Example of usage:

 #include <mdm-smshistory.h>

 using namespace Sailfish::Mdm;

 void printSMSHistory(QObject *parent)
     SMSHistory filter;
     filter.start = QDateTime(QDate(2000, 1, 1));

     SMSHistory *history = new SMSHistory(parent);

     QObject::connect(history, &SMSHistory::searchFinished, [history](bool success, const QList<Sailfish::Mdm::SMSHistory::Result> &results) {
         if (success) {
             for (const SMSHistory::Result &result : results) {
                 qInfo() << result.when.toString(intervalFormat) << "from" << result.phoneNumber;
         } else {
             qInfo() << "Failed to fetch sms history";

Member Function Documentation

SMSHistory::SMSHistory(QObject *parent = 0)

Constructs a SMSHistory instance with the given parent.


Destroys the SMSHistory instance.

Retrieves the number of sms that match the given filter.

[signal] void SMSHistory::searchFinished(bool success, const QList<Sailfish::Mdm::SMSHistory::Result> &results)

Emitted when a search completes after sms search().

success is true if the call succeeded, and results holds the list of matching results.

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