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What's New in Silica for Sailfish 2.0

In Sailfish 2.0, we've redesigned the appearance and behaviour of a variety of Silica UI components. We've also made API changes to provide more customization abilities and make it easier to scale UI layouts for different screen sizes.

Here is a summary of the Silica changes in Sailfish 2.0.

Significant UX changes

UI component design updates

Various UI components have been redesigned or tweaked; here are the most noticeable changes.

  • Cover actions
    • Cover actions are now invoked by "tap" rather than "drag" actions. This is to avoid interference with the horizontal-swipe gestures on the Home and Events screens.
  • PullDownMenu, PushUpMenu and ContextMenu
    • Pulley menus are now revealed with a smoother look and feel: the response to the drag action has been improved and menus now open with a smooth gradient at the opened edge.
    • Pulley menus and context menus now indicate the current selection with a larger rectangular background, similar to the effect of pressing on a ListItem. For pulley menus, the selection background now blinks briefly to indicate an option has been selected.
  • RemorseItem and RemorsePopup
    • The countdown animation is now visually segmented and has a darker background. Remorse pop-ups now slide upwards when closed.
  • Button
    • Buttons now have a rectangular background with rounded corners, rather than an underline.
  • DatePickerDialog
    • The dialog now shows the days of the week above the grid of dates.
    • The selected date is no longer used as the acceptText and is shown beneath the dialog header instead.
  • TimePickerDialog
    • The selected time is no longer used as the acceptText and is shown in the center of the clock instead.

Recommended UX patterns

Notable implementation changes

API additions and changes

New QML types and C++ library updates

  • FadeAnimator added
  • The Screen object is now available from the C++ sailfishsilica library. (Note that Theme is also available from this library.)

API changes to existing types

Singleton objects

UI components

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