Application SDK Uninstallation

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SDK Uninstallation

The Sailfish OS SDK comes with a maintenance tool, named SDKMaintenanceTool that can be used to remove the complete installation (for Windows 8 read known issues). You can find it listed in your host distribution’s system menu or directly in the installed directory, for example in Linux ~/SailfishOS.


  • The emulator and Mer SDK virtual machines are powered off.
  • The VirtualBox software is not running.
  • The SailfishOS IDE (Qt Creator) is not running.


Run the SDKMaintenanceTool

  • On Linux open terminal and type $ ~/SailfishOS/SDKMaintenanceTool
  • On Windows press Start and type SDKMaintenanceTool
  • In OS X open Spotlight (cmd+space) and type SDKMaintenanceTool

Select Remove all components and click Next.

Application sdk uninstallation-uninstall 01.png

Follow the instructions on the wizard. Once the uninstallation has completed successfully, you will see the following screen. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

Application sdk uninstallation-uninstall 02.png