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An Image Creator service builds system images for development, testing and release. Images are built according to predefined lists of packages and system files, as required for different system requirements, such as different hardware, architecture or release purposes.

Mer Imager is an image creation service that builds system images for Sailfish OS devices and SDK development. It regularly assembles system images with a kernel and subsystem integrated with middleware and application packages fetched from the Mer Open Build Service.

Images can be created using a default or custom list of package and system requirements. These requirements will vary depending on the target hardware architecture and filesystem, for example, or whether if you are targeting a SDK environment system versus a full device image. Also, the desired software packages may differ. For example:

  • When building an image for general development, it is useful to include a set of debugging and testing tools by default so that it is not necessary to install these later on during development; however, these tools are unnecessary for a release-type image.
  • For an image that is to be used in a demo-type capacity, you may want to include packages with dummy user content or predefined network configurations.
  • If you have a patched version of an existing system package and you want to test the effects of your changes on the system as a whole, you can use a default image build and then specify to include your custom upgraded package from your OBS home project.

To create a Mer image, go to the Image creation request page. To view the list of recently built (and currently building) images, see the image creation queue.