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The Open Build Service (OBS) is a distribution platform for creating and managing package builds on multiple platforms.

The Mer Project has an OBS at for building Sailfish OS packages. It takes source code from git repositories to create standalone packages, allowing the building of packages on a variety of supported platforms for testing and release distribution. It performs:

  • Automated building of Sailfish OS packages when triggered by Webhooks from git repositories
  • On-demand building of Sailfish OS packages, when manually triggered

Each package is added under a project. For example, there is a ofono package that is linked to the oFono code repository, and this package lives within the mer-core:devel project, which contains all of the mer-core packages that are built for a devel image. If a package cannot be built, the OBS web page for that package shows the build error details and the status of the package.

See the Mer OBS page for more information.