SailfishOS Source

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Sailfish OS Source

As per the Sailfish OS Architecture, there are a variety of different layers which make up the Sailfish OS stack. The source repositories for components within each layer are usually hosted on the same infrastructure.

The base layer source code is usually proprietary, and thus is generally not available for public access. The source repositories for the Mer middleware and UI libraries can be found at, while software specific to Sailfish OS may be found on GitHub at, including applications, middleware plugins and projects specific for Sailfish OS SDK.

Please see the Core Areas and APIs documentation for a comprehensive list of the various components which make up the Sailfish OS stack, including links to the source repositories for those components.

Finding The Source For A Package

There are a variety of ways to determine the location of the source repository for a particular package:

You can also use package management tools:

devel-su pkcon search name browser
devel-su pkcon get-details sailfish-browser

or (zypper not included by default, and needs to be installed, with devel-su pkcon install zypper)

devel-su zypper se browser
devel-su zypper info sailfish-browser

can be used to search for and get information which package owns certain file with rpm:

rpm -qf /etc/gps.conf

If all other means fail and the package name is known, the contributor can search for it on and then examine that package's `_service` file to determine the source code repository.