Hardware Adaptation Development Kit

Fill your phone with Sailfish OS

GNU/Linux based Sailfish OS natively running on an Android™ phone you like? Yes, it can be achieved when following our HADK porting guide! The document takes you through:

  • The hardware and software requirements
  • Sets up the Mer Platform SDK and the supporting development environment
  • Instructs on how to craft your phone’s hardware adaptation
  • And finally builds the Sailfish OS ready-to-install image It also contains tips on “getting into” your phone during early stages, as it gradually turns into a glibc-driven Linux box


You’ll encounter challenges along the way, as every phone has numerous differences, but our #sailfishos-porters IRC community on Freenode will be there to help. The following porter’s traits are desired:

  • Linux Kernel and OS knowledge and development
  • Fluency in Git, Github code-review process
  • Android™ Platform SDK
  • Observed IRC guidelines
  • That immense desire to have Linux in your pocket!

1 Read

Download the latest PDF of the HADK porting guide: (12 Feb 2021)

2 Port

Follow the HADK porting guide thoroughly to bring Sailfish OS to a device you love.

3 Chat

Got stuck? Join our jolly community of porters, gathering on IRC #sailfishos-porters channel on Freenode.

4 Release

You can share the generated installable image with the rest of the world via the central hub. More info

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