Software Development Kit

SailfishOS SDK is a collection of tools for developing SailfishOS applications. It includes:
– QtCreator integrated development environment (IDE)
– Mer build engine for cross compilation
– The SailfishOS Emulator
– Tutorial, Design and API Documentation
– Repositories for additional libraries and open source code



QtCreator is a cross platform integrated development environment (IDE) tailored to the needs of Qt developers. It has been extended to add support for Sailfish UI application development using Sailfish Silica components. It provides a sophisticated code editor with version control, project and build management system integration. More information on the IDE can be found at


Mer build engine

The Mer build engine is a virtual machine (VM) containing the Mer development toolchains and tools. It also includes a SailfishOS target for building and running Sailfish and QML applications. The target is mounted as a shared folder to allow QtCreator to access the compilation target. Additionally, your home directory is shared and mounted in the VM, thus giving access to your source code for compilation.

The build engine also supports additional build targets and cross-compilation toolchains. These can be managed from the SDK Control Centre interface within QtCreator which allows toolchains, targets and even individual target packages to be added and removed.



The emulator is an x86 VM image containing a stripped down version of the target device software. It emulates most of the functions of the target device running Sailfish operating system, such as gestures, task switching and ambience theming.


Building blocks


Qt 5

Qt 5 is the latest version of Qt. It enables developers to develop applications with intuitive user interfaces for multiple targets, faster than ever before. Qt 5 makes it easier to address the latest UI paradigm shifts that touch screens and tablets require. More info about Qt5 can be found from Qt Project’s website.


Qt Quick2

Qt Quick2 is next generation of Qt Quick being a high-level UI technology which allows developers and UI designers to work together to create animated, touch-enabled UIs and lightweight applications. More information is available in the Qt Quick2 documentation.



In current release of SailfishOS uses Wayland instead of X11 in graphics pipeline giving improved user experience. SailfishOS is delivered with a fully functional compositor which takes care of window management and outputting graphics to screen. More information of Wayland can be found from Wayland homepage.


Sailfish Silica

Sailfish Silica is a QML module which provides Sailfish UI components for applications. Their look and feel fits with the Sailfish visual style and behavior and enables unique Sailfish UI application features, such as pulley menus and application covers.


Platform APIs

SailfishOS uses Mer, an openly developed and mobile optimized core, for the majority of its own core components. We provide you with a snapshot of the open source code utilized for this release at

We are actively working to identify the set of platform APIs that we can officially support with compatibility promises. In the meantime you can experiment by extending the SailfishOS target in the SDK with development headers you are interested in.


Open source code

Naturally, we are providing the open source code used in this release. You can find this at In the event the source code for a binary was not provided to you along with the binary, you may also receive a copy of the source code on physical media by submitting a written request to us. More information is available in the written offer for source code.

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