Sailfish OS Tutorials

In this section, you will find tutorials we have prepared for helping you in the development of SailfishOS applications. We will add more tutorials here as they become available.


Combining C++ with QML

QML is the preferred way of developing apps for Sailfish OS. However there are many cases where this is by itself not enough and dropping into native code is necessary. Common reasons include performance, utilizing existing C/C++ libraries and so on. This tutorial describes how to create an application that combines a QML frontend with a C++ backend. (Read more…)


Creating an application in Python

In addition to C++, Python is a fully supported language for developing Sailfish OS applications. It is especially suitable for those applications that have modest resource requirements. If your application does heavy duty processing we recommend using C++ instead of Python. In this tutorial we will create a simple Python app for displaying a list of colors. (Read more…)


Building packages manually

Sailfish OS provides a streamlined developer experience through the Sailfish IDE. At the moment it only provides for projects that are built with qmake. Some developers might also prefer to use a different editor environment. This document aims to describe the steps to build an application manually using the Sailfish OS build machine that comes with the SDK. (Read more…)

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