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Early Access SDK

Sailfish SDK Early Access releases will provide the new SDK features and fixes a week or two before the final SDK release. By using the Early Access SDK you can be sure to get the latest and greatest SDK features first.

If you are looking for the regular SDK release or general information about the SDK itself, check out the Application SDK page.

Early Access Build Targets

The early access build targets are supported in both the Sailfish SDK and Sailfish SDK Early Access releases.

The latest early access targets can be installed by using the SDKMaintenanceTool:

1. Open the SDKMaintenanceTool

2. Choose Add or remove components and click Continue

3. Click the Sailfish OS Build Targets branch open from the components list

4. Check SailfishOS-ea-armv7hl and/or SailfishOS-ea-i486 component(s) for installation

5. Click Continue and follow through with the installation

The early access build targets will be released in sync with the early access releases of the Sailfish OS. Generally these releases will be available about a week earlier than the official public release. This allows developers to test and refine their apps before the public release.

If you have installed an early access build target or targets by using the SDKMaintenanceTool, you will get an update notification automatically when a newer early access build target release is available.

Please, remember, that the Early Access build targets should not be used for submitting apps to the Jolla Harbour. For that purpose, you should always use the latest non-EA (SailfishOS-latest-armv7hl or SailfishOS-latest-i486) build targets.

Latest Early Access SDK Release

The latest Sailfish SDK Early Access release can be downloaded for Linux, macOS and Windows platforms from below.

Sailfish SDK 3.3

Linux macOS Windows

Please, read the section Installing the Early Access SDK before using these installers. The Early Access SDK repository should be taken into use before installation.

Release Notes

The release notes for this SDK release are available at Sailfish OS Forum.

All Download Options

Filename Size MD5 Hash 27M (28030953 bytes) 3628877ae3286366e242e648f019317e 1.4G (1476366556 bytes) 3e166264ea42a847d7ecce7316ff3414
SailfishSDK-3.3.6-mac-online.dmg 11M (11529446 bytes) 4c603ca9bc3b382482c3cb7cea3882b7
SailfishSDK-3.3.6-mac-offline.dmg 1.4G (1463969932 bytes) e113f8678aba47c356714618af1c303e
SailfishSDK-3.3.6-windows-online.exe 20M (19929098 bytes) 60944237f0f1a9f437b9ed4a8ed19321
SailfishSDK-3.3.6-windows-offline.exe 1.4G (1418956237 bytes) 37ea03bf5a91c8664315287214d756ed

Offline installers allow Sailfish SDK installation with VirtualBox-based build engine, latest build targets and latest emulator on hosts with limited network access.

Installing the Early Access SDK

1. Open the Sailfish OS SDK Installer

2. Click Settings

3. Go to the Repositories page

4. Uncheck (Disable) the updates repository

5. Check (Enable) the updates-ea repository

6. Click OK and continue with the installation instructions

Receiving Early Access SDK Updates Automatically

If you want to receive the Early Access SDK updates automatically, enable the Early Access repository in your SDK:

1. Open the SDKMaintenanceTool

2. Choose Update components

3. Click Settings

4. Go to the Repositories page

5. Uncheck (Disable) the updates repository

6. Check (Enable) the updates-ea repository

7. Click OK and check for updates