Application SDK Installation

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SDK Installation

We provide a graphical installer to make it easy to setup the Sailfish OS SDK. If you have an existing Sailfish OS Beta SDK it must be removed. Please run the “SDKMaintenanceTool” found in the installation directory (usually SailfishOS in your home/user directory) and remove all components.

Common pre-requisites

  • Oracle VirtualBox version 4.1.18 or higher pre-installed on the host machine. VirtualBox installation is different between operating systems. On Linux, you should install the VirtualBox supplied by your distribution. On other operating systems, we recommend using installation packages from
  • About 5GB of free disk space.
  • 4GB of RAM or more is recommended.

SDK Installer on Linux

  1. Download the run file (32bit or 64bit based on your host system).
Hint: If you don’t know which one you have type: getconf LONG_BIT in a terminal.
  1. Open the Terminal application on your host system.
  2. Provide executable permissions to it: $ chmod +x ~/Downloads/<installer_name>
  3. Run the installer as a normal user (i.e. not as root user). By default it will install to SailfishOS/ in your home directory.
$ ./Downloads/<installer_name>

SDK Installer on Windows

  1. Download SDK Installer application (supported platform Windows 8) to your downloads folder and locate it with Explorer.
  2. Open SDK installer by double-clicking the SDK Installer application.

SDK Installer on OS X

  1. Download SDK Installer package.
  2. Open SDK Installer package by double-clicking the icon.
  3. Open the SDK Installer application found from the package.

Common installation flow

The SDK installer window will open as shown below. The installation itself is pretty simple.

Application sdk installation-installer 01.png

Click Next, follow the setup wizard and read and accept the license agreement. The default values are usually OK. If you wish, you can see the details of the files being installed. After a successful installation you should see a window like the one shown below.

Application sdk installation-installer 02.png

Click Finish. The SailfishOS IDE launches automatically once the setup wizard exits.

Launching the SailfishOS IDE

  • The SDK will be added to your system menus and a launch icon will be available for future sessions.
  • On Linux you can launch the SailfishOS IDE from desktop launcher by typing ‘SailfishOS IDE’ and choosing the appropriate icon. In addition there is a command line support, you can launch the IDE by running : $ ~/SailfishOS/bin/qtcreator.
  • On Windows you can launch the SailfishOS IDE by pressing Start and typing SailfishOS IDE and choosing the appropriate application.
  • On OS X you can launch the SailfishOS IDE with Spotlight (cmd+space) and typing Qt Creator.
  • Once SDK is installed, proceed to creating your first application!