Language Style - HOWTO

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Having a style guide massively improves translations for a given language, consistency, mood, voice, you name it. We strongly encourage all Sailfish OS languages to have one.

Existing style guides are listed here. Guides of existing community languages progress is in this TJC post.

To create a guide for a new language, please take e.g. English (United Kingdom) as reference, view its source, and copy to your text editor. You'll need to work "offline" for the time being, apologies; contributions to the wiki will become more straightforward in the future.

Then start shaping its contents to match your language grammar and culture.

You'll see existing style guides peppered with templates for maximum re-use, e.g.

For example:
* Correct: '''Create Account Settings in...'''
* Incorrect: '''Account Settings are created in...'''

You can view the contents of this template like so: Template:Style_grammar_voice

If your language has a different rule than the template says (e.g. passive voice preferred over active), simply replace with template's source:

== Voice ==
Whenever possible, use the passive voice. Keep the message clear and the sentences short

For example:
* Correct: '''<an example of passive voice in your language>'''
* Incorrect: '''<an example of active voice in your language>'''

Then carry on through all other sections in the same fashion, if you have doubts, open tickets in TJC to consult the fellow speakers (tag with translate and your language name e.g. dutch. If you feel like some sections are not relevant or lack information, it's ok to skip them, someone else will complement them in the future.

Currently contributions to Sailfish OS wiki are going through a reviewing person. You'll need to email me the style guide and I'll place it next to others crediting your contribution.

Unfortunately because the wiki user registration is also disabled, you cannot preview your created articles :( I'll make sure to polish any visual imperfections after receiving your source. You can send me any corrections thereafter as well.