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Latest SDK Release

The latest Sailfish SDK release can be downloaded for Linux, OS X and Windows platforms from below.

Sailfish SDK 3.5

Linux macOS Windows

After downloading the SDK for your platform, please follow through with the installation instructions.

Release Notes

The release notes for this SDK release are available at [1].

All Download Options

Filename Size MD5 Hash 29M (29623996 bytes) 66540ad034b4cfdbfd92d44f6bfcce3a 1.8G (1901288907 bytes) d912055b0cfb9a7662b1c65b94e30741
SailfishSDK-3.5.7-mac-online.dmg 12M (11810604 bytes) bdba2324538c3c71f744709cb29a81f7
SailfishSDK-3.5.7-mac-offline.dmg 1.8G (1830654984 bytes) a494122fdcdfa21cbf291c23b26d807a
SailfishSDK-3.5.7-windows-online.exe 24M (25004858 bytes) ec258243b3bf67fe2b45739ad8eed382
SailfishSDK-3.5.7-windows-offline.exe 1.7G (1802804212 bytes) 196038e79c5a8d62b18316b2ba43fbb4

Offline installers allow Sailfish SDK installation with VirtualBox-based build engine, latest build targets and latest emulator on hosts with limited network access.

Early Access


You can get the SDK updates approximately a week or two earlier, if you start using the Early Access repository. This can be useful for e.g. testing the new SDK features before the final Sailfish SDK release. Check out for more information from the Early Access SDK page.

EA Build Targets

You can get the build target updates approximately a week earlier, if you install an Early Access build target or targets into your SDK. This can be useful for e.g. testing your apps before the official public Sailfish OS release. Check out for more information about the Early Access Build Targets.



Sailfish OS

Supported Environments

Our SDK has been verified on the following systems:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit
  • OS X 10.12.6
  • It should work on other Linux flavours as well, but at this stage, its functionality on other host environments has not been fully verified. See also Pre-requisites below.


  • A host machine running a Linux/Windows/OS X operating system.
  • Oracle’s VirtualBox version 4.1.18 or higher pre-installed on the host machine. You should use the VirtualBox that is compatible with your distribution.
  • Git is a prerequisite for the Sailfish SDK on Windows. Git for Windows can be obtained Git from
  • About 5GB of free disk space.
  • 4GB of RAM or more is recommended.
  • - not all distributions ship this library by default.
    • On Ubuntu 20.04, the package libtinfo5 may be installed.
    • On Fedora the package ncurses-compat-libs may be installed
    • If you find no way to fix on your system, you may try creating it as a symbolic link to your system (or even or

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