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Platform SDK Toolchain

Sailfish OS is based upon Mer and uses the Mer toolchain, as provided by the Platform SDK.

Build Tools

The toolchain consists of Linaro GCC, the GNU ld linker and GNU libc, run within a ScratchBox2 virtual machine within the Mer SDK chroot. As described in the Platform SDK documentation, a single Mer SDK installation can include multiple SDK Targets. Any particular SDK Target is used to perform builds for a specific architecture (e.g., armv7, i586, etc). You can check to see which version of the build tools are installed for a given architecture by checking the version of the cross-[arch]-gcc and cross-[arch]-binutils packages, within a Mer SDK chroot prompt.

For example:

    # enter the Mer SDK chroot
    $ /srv/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot
    # check the installed version of the cross-armv7hl-gcc package
    [MerSDK] $ sudo zypper info cross-armv7hl-gcc

It is this version of GCC which will be available within an sdk-build mode ScratchBox2 prompt within an armv7hl SDK target.

For example:

    # enter the Mer SDK chroot
    $ /srv/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot
    # enter the SB2 target in sdk-build mode, assumes that the target already exists
    [MerSDK] $ sb2 -t sfos-armv7hl -m sdk-build
    # check which version of gcc is used when building with this target
    [SB2 sdk-build sfos-armv7hl] gcc -v

Note that to build packages, usually the ScratchBox2 prompt is not usually necessary, as the mb2 script performs the necessary steps to build and package a project for the developer.

Other Tools

The Mer SDK chroot includes tools like mic for image creation and osc for OBS integration.

Android BSP Support

Sailfish OS utilises libhybris to leverage existing Android board support packages and allow using libraries and binary-only device drivers built with the Android toolchain to be used within Sailfish OS.