Powering independent mobile solutions

The true independent OS

Sailfish OS, developed and licensed by the Finnish mobile company Jolla, is the open source based alternative to dominant mobile operating systems. Based on Nokia’s Meego Linux and with no strings attached to Google Android, Sailfish OS offers a rock solid platform for independent mobile needs.

Private and Secure

Sailfish OS is a European mobile OS for various demanding environments needing privacy and security. End-to-end OS level encryption, MDM, possibility to use strong local algorithms, fully privately build in local build system, and regional licensing strategy to enable local implementations ensure that our country ecosystem and corporate partners can create truly tailor-made and independent mobile security solutions.

Adapts to everything

As an open source based platform, Sailfish OS can be tailored for various licensing customer needs ranging from corporate cases to consumer mobile devices. Sailfish OS is also the perfect mobile platform for building independent and secure country ecosystems. Customization, strong localization and strategic partnerships are the key to success in building regional ecosystems.

Commercially proven

Jolla, the developer of Sailfish OS  has roots in Nokia and MeeGo, and vast expertise and experience in the international mobile device business. Currently Jolla serves several licensing customers around the world and has a proven commercial capability among operators, manufacturers, and end-users. Moreover, great reviews, industry awards, thousands of press articles and active users and open source communities speak volumes.

Sailfish OS smartphone for Indian technology lovers

Customer: Intex Technologies, India

Intex Technologies (India) ltd. is a major player in the Indian market focusing on mobile handset, consumer durables and IT accessories. A pioneer in technology, Intex is one of the best selling Indian smartphone brands, selling millions of smartphones every month.

Project & objective:

Devices that run Android OS dominate the Indian smartphone market, with a market share of approx. 90%. Intex wanted to be a differentiator and introduce a new device with a totally new, unique user experience and value adding business model in collaboration with popular local internet services. The target audience for Sailfish powered Intex Aqua Fish devices is young, technology-driven people interested in adopting new, exciting technology and demonstrating tech trend leadership. 


In addition to Sailfish OS, Jolla offered Intex its mobile hardware platform, which fits Intex’s brand, design and quality promises. The Aqua Fish smartphone was first introduced to the public at Mobile World Congress 2016, and it was brought to the market in July 2016 through major online channels such as Flipkart, Amazon India, Shopclues.com, and Ebay India. All the available devices were sold out quickly. 


Aqua Fish got good reviews from the early customers, and many users seemed excited about the totally new user experience. The product resonated best within the tech-savvy audience interested in new tech and Linux based system. 

Local mobile ecosystem for the Russian market

Customer: Open Mobile Platform Ltd., Russia

Open Mobile Platform is a dynamic technology company based in Innopolis, Russia. The company is focused on developing corporate and privacy enhanced mobile products based on Sailfish OS in order to fulfill customer needs in the Russian market.

Project & objective:

In 2016, the Russian Ministry of Communications publicly expressed support for the Sailfish OS agenda in Russia, which is part of Russia’s long-term objective to create a more independent IT ecosystem for the country. Jolla’s licensing customer, Open Mobile Platform Ltd. was formed to deliver on this objective, and to develop tailored solutions for Russian corporations and state-owned companies.



Open Mobile Platform, in collaboration with Jolla, is currently developing tailored solutions for the market, and working with its first customers to match their specific needs. The company is also building a strong Russian developer community for Sailfish OS, which will contribute to the project. 
Sailfish OS is currently the only mobile operating system which has been officially certified to be used in governmental and government controlled corporations’ upcoming mobile device projects.


The project is currently in a strong growth and development phase, and first customers will be announced soon.

Turnkey solution for fast time-to-market

To minimize our partners’ time-to-market, Jolla offers a variety of mobile hardware platforms for Sailfish OS. Partners can also choose to use their self-selected hardware configuration. Sailfish OS licensing consists of annual and/or per-device licensing arrangements, which we develop together with all the Sailfish licensing partners.

With our existing and proven productization and licensing practices and our strong industry partnersJolla offers a highly efficient productization pipeline to take products to market in a matter of months.

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We are always excited to establish new Sailfish partnerships and show the world that independent mobile solutions can thrive.

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