Future is open

We believe in freedom. We want people to have the freedom of choice, be it about code, content or personal privacy. We dare to dream about a future where users, developers, companies, or governments alike can define their own mobile experiences without limitations.

Sailfish OS is truly a people powered platform, built like a classic Linux distribution. Based on open source, it’s built together with a vibrant Sailfish community. You can be a Sailfish OS developer, seasoned user or the new kid on the block and just getting started – everyone is invited to join the Sailfish family. DIT – Doing It Together is our motto.

Join the discussion

Discuss all things Sailfish OS at the Sailfish OS Forum and ask questions and share thoughts in IRC channel #sailfishos on Freenode.

You can also join local and global face-to-face events and the bi-weekly community meetings on IRC.

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Code the core and apps

Access the software and wide range of documentation and tools for core platform development. Learn how to make great apps and publish them in the official Jolla Store to reach Sailfish OS users around the world.

You can also contribute a translation to existing Sailfish OS languages, as well as propose a new language of the world and eventually join its community-driven localisation team!
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Port to Android devices

Access community-driven knowledge base on hardware adaptation and make a chosen Android™ device run Sailfish OS, a true Linux platform.

Sailfish OS is famous for its amazing porting community, ease of porting, and own architecture which decouples HW adaptation from the UI and middleware, supporting new devices with minimal changes across the stack.
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Follow us everywhere

Great community sources are the Official Jolla Blog, Sailfish Forum, and our Jolla / Sailfish OS social media channels.

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Sailfish X

Sailfish X is Jolla’s officially supported downloadable version of Sailfish OS for selected devices. It’s currently available for the Sony Xperia™ 10 and Xperia™ 10 Plus, Sony Xperia™ XA2 product variants, Sony Xperia™ X, and Gemini PDA. Purchase the software, install it, and experience Sailfish OS on these great devices.

Sony Mobile’s Open Devices program provides tools to developers in order for them to build and test custom software on a range of Sony devices. Visit Sony Mobile’s developer website to learn more.

Community Events

Take a look at some of the upcoming events and past talks by our Sailors. You can also download the presentation materials from the past events.

Sailfish 3 Day

November 8th, 2018 – Helsinki, Finland

The third generation of Sailfish OS is here! Sailfish 3 is all about better performance, deepened security, and smoother user experience for corporate and Sailfish daily users. We celebrated the launch of our new Sailfish 3 with our community in Helsinki, in an event full of laughter, like-minded people and Sailfish! Watch the video we live streamed during the event, followed by a Q&A with our CEO, Sami Pienimäki.

Link to video.

Sailfish 3 Meetup in Berlin

November 11th, 2018 – Berlin, Germany

Right after Sailfish 3 Day we travelled to Berlin, in order to meet up with our German community and showcase Sailfish 3 to one of our most enthusiastic crowds, while giving them a presentation about Jolla’s current status and Sailfish 3. You can take a look at some photos we have taken from that event in the link below.

Link to the photos.

April 22nd & 23rd, 2018 – Gothenburg, Sweden

FOSSNorth 2018 Slides

Here you can watch James Noori and Vesa-Matti Hartikainen hold a speech about Sailfish community, Sailfish 3, Sailfish X and what comes in the future of Jolla alongside a short Q&A.

Link to the video.

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