Contact Us

You have several means to contact us, depending on the topic:

Partner Contacts

If you are an ODM, OEM, operator, or an eCommerce, online content etc. provider you should contact us at:


For developer support, please send an email to, thank you.


The core OS is based on Mer Project, an open source, mobile optimised distribution while the UI is proprietary software owned by Jolla. View our open projects in github and welcome to contribute code.

Mailing List

Discuss, ask or answer threads related to development of Sailfish OS on our mailing list.

IRC Hangouts

Talk to us, discuss about the current progress and contributions or just say hello at Freenode #sailfishos IRC channel.

Media/Press Contact

Please email for assistance.

General Topics

If you unsure about the nature of your request you can always send an email to