API Documentation

Documentation for developing SailfishOS applications

In this section, you will find relevant documentation that you can refer to when developing SailfishOS applications. We will add more API documentation here as they become available.

Sailfish Silica

The Sailfish SDK includes Sailfish Silica, a QML module for developing your own Sailfish applications. Sailfish applications are written with a combination of QML and C++ code. QML is a declarative language provided by the Qt framework that makes it easy to create stylish, custom user interfaces with smooth transitions and animations; a QML-based user interfaces can be connected to a C++ based application back-end that implements more complex application functionality or accesses third-party C++ libraries.

libsailfishapp docs

To ease development of applications for Sailfish and to make sure paths for the applications are set correctly, and application startup time is accelerated, third party applications on Sailfish OS should use libsailfishapp. This library provides certain convenience functions to set up the project, install all files into the right directories, and get important paths at runtime via convenience methods.

Sailfish Icon Reference

Sailfish SDK includes a set of Silica themed icons that can be used to build an application UI with consistent look and feel. These icons follow the Silica theme size definitions as defined in each icon category section below.

QML Plugin Configuration

The Configuration module provides types to access configuration settings stored in DConf from QML. The types provide a property-based API supporting asynchronous reading and writing of configuration values and change notifications. Enabling DConf to be used seamlessly within QML property bindings.

QML Plugin D-Bus

The Nemo Mobile D-Bus QML Plugin allows you to access services on the system and session bus, as well as provide your own services. D-Bus is used for interprocess communication. Several system services expose an interface over D-Bus that can be used by third party software and other middleware.

QML Plugins Notifications

This plugin provides C++/QML classes for publishing notifications in the Nemo environment.

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