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UserManager Class


Manages system users. To use this class, clients must add the following to their qmake project: More...

Header: #include <mdm-usermanager.h>

Public Functions

UserManager(QObject *parent = 0)
virtual ~UserManager()
bool addToGroups(uint uid, const QStringList &groups)
uint addUser(const QString &userName)
uint currentUser()
QString currentUserUuid()
bool enableGuestUser(bool enable)
bool modifyUser(uint uid, const QString &newFullName)
bool removeFromGroups(uint uid, const QStringList &groups)
bool removeUser(uint uid)
bool setCurrentUser(uint uid)
QString userUuid(uint uid)
QList<SailfishUserManagerEntry> users()
QStringList usersGroups(uint uid)

Detailed Description

Manages system users. To use this class, clients must add the following to their qmake project:

 CONFIG += link_pkgconfig
 PKGCONFIG += sailfishmdm

and then #include <mdm-usermanager.h>.

Example of usage:

 #include <mdm-usermanager.h>

 void addUser()
     Sailfish::Mdm::UserManager user;
     qInfo() << user.addUser("userName");

Member Function Documentation

UserManager::UserManager(QObject *parent = 0)

Constructs a UserManager instance with the given parent.

[virtual] UserManager::~UserManager()

Destroys the UserManager instance.

bool UserManager::addToGroups(uint uid, const QStringList &groups)

Adds groups for user with uid. User is not added to any of the groups if adding the user to even one of the groups fails.

uint UserManager::addUser(const QString &userName)

Creates the new user with userName. Returns UID of the created new user, if the user was added successful.

uint UserManager::currentUser()

Returns the current user id.

See also setCurrentUser().

QString UserManager::currentUserUuid()

Returns the current user uid.

bool UserManager::enableGuestUser(bool enable)

Enables or disables guest user depending on the enable.

bool UserManager::modifyUser(uint uid, const QString &newFullName)

Changes real name to newFullName for user with given uid, if the modification was successfully applied.

bool UserManager::removeFromGroups(uint uid, const QStringList &groups)

Remove groups for user with uid.

bool UserManager::removeUser(uint uid)

Removes the user with uid. Returns true if the user removal was successful, false otherwise.

bool UserManager::setCurrentUser(uint uid)

Switch to the user with passed uid. Specified user will be used on the next user session.

Note: This method does not reboot the device.

See also currentUser().

QString UserManager::userUuid(uint uid)

Returns the uuid of the user with uid.

QList<SailfishUserManagerEntry> UserManager::users()

Returns a list of SailfishUserManagerEntry structs.

QStringList UserManager::usersGroups(uint uid)

Returns a list of user groups with uid.

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