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BusyIndicator QML Type

Displayed while waiting for content to load or some process to finish More...

Import Statement: import Sailfish.Silica 1.0
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Detailed Description

The BusyIndicator is a non-interactive display that shows a spinning circle. It should be shown while content is loading or when the UI is waiting for an action to be available.

For example, it could be used while a page is loading its contents:

 import QtQuick 2.2
 import Sailfish.Silica 1.0

 Page {
     BusyIndicator {
         size: BusyIndicatorSize.Large
         anchors.centerIn: parent
         running: model.status == Model.Loading

Or, while an image is loading:

 Image {
     id: image
     source: "http://some/remote/icon.png"
     sourceSize.width: Theme.iconSizeMedium
     sourceSize.height: Theme.iconSizeMedium

     BusyIndicator {
         size: BusyIndicatorSize.Medium
         anchors.centerIn: image
         running: image.status != Image.Ready

See also BusyLabel and PageBusyIndicator.

Property Documentation

running : bool

Setting running to true starts the animation. The animation keeps playing until the property is set to false or when the application window goes to background.

The default value is false.

size : enumeration

This size property can be used to select one of the following indicator sizes.

  • BusyIndicatorSize.ExtraSmall - displayed when loading small details, matches well with extra small font
  • BusyIndicatorSize.Small - displayed when loading details, matches well with normal size font
  • BusyIndicatorSize.Medium - the standard size for display within a list item
  • BusyIndicatorSize.Large - used for full-screen busy indication

The default value is BusyIndicatorSize.Medium.

text : bool

Override to tell the user what is being loaded.

By default shows localized "Loading" string.

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