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ColorPickerDialog QML Type

A dialog for selecting a color from a ColorPicker More...

Import Statement: import Sailfish.Silica 1.0



Detailed Description

The ColorPickerDialog type presents a ColorPicker within a Dialog to allow a color to be selected. Tapping on a color in the picker will accept the dialog.

Here is a simple color picker dialog, opened with PageStack::push():

 import QtQuick 2.2
 import Sailfish.Silica 1.0

 Page {
     Rectangle {
         id: colorIndicator
         color: "transparent"
         width: theme.itemSizeSmall
         height: theme.itemSizeSmall
     Button {
         id: button
         text: "Choose a color"

         onClicked: {
             var dialog = pageStack.push("Sailfish.Silica.ColorPickerDialog")
             dialog.accepted.connect(function() {
                 colorIndicator.color = dialog.color

See also ColorPicker.

Property Documentation

color : color

The color value picked by the user. The default value is null.

See also colors.

colors : var

An array of color values displayed to the user. By default the array follows a harmonic set of platform-style colors.

See also color.

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