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VerticalScrollDecorator QML Type

Adds a vertical scroll indicator to a flickable Silica view More...

Import Statement: import Sailfish.Silica 1.0



Detailed Description

The VerticalScrollDecorator type adds a vertical styled scroll decorator to the right edge of a SilicaFlickable, SilicaListView, SilicaGridView or SilicaWebView.

While it is sufficient to declare the VerticalScrollDecorator as a child of a Flickable, for best performance it is recommended that the flickable be specified explicitly.

 SilicaListView {
     id: listView
     model: myModel
     delegate: myDelegate

     VerticalScrollDecorator { flickable: listView }

See also HorizontalScrollDecorator and ScrollDecorator.

Property Documentation

flickable : Item

Specifies the SilicaFlickable, SilicaListView, SilicaGridView or SilicaWebView on which the VerticalScrollDecorator is applied.

If flickable is not supplied then the scroll indicator will be applied to the closest ancestor Flickable.

Method Documentation


Displays the scroll decorator for a short period. This can be used to notify user when there has been a change in scroll position without user scrolling the view.

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